Adding New Music Files to Nucleus Plus w HDD Attached

My music library is on a hard drive attached to my Roon Nucleus Plus. I would like to add new files to the HDD Library without disconnecting the hard drive from my Nucleus Plus. Is it possible to do so and if so, how do I accomplish that. Is there software that will make the process easier (either Windows 10 or Mac OS as I have both). Thank you for your help.

@Ronald_Johnston Just map the drive, on a Mac you will see it via finder as Rock or the IP address of the Rock server, on Windows 10 you will need to enable SMBv1 (Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features on or off > check the box for “SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support”) then in Explorer/Finder you will see Rock, select it, then storage, then your disk, then to copy files just drag and drop.

Thank you very much for the information. I can now see NucleusPlus in the finder of Windows 10. My next problem is when I try to copy new files from my portable HDD to the Music Library in Storage of the NucleusPlus It tells me I don’t have permission to do that. Do you know how I can fix the problem so I can copy and paste the new albums

I think you need to tell Windows that the Nucleus requires a username of “guest” and the password “guest”. See this thread:

When you install the Nucleus Plus you should have been asked for a user name and password. Often the user name will be you email address. Another possibility is if you have a log-in for your mac try that combination as well.

That’s the username and password for the Roon account - I’m talking about the credentials needed to access the internal storage of the Nucleus+ so that you can copy files across to it using Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder.

Windows Explorer sees the NucleusPlus and allows me to expand to see all the folders including the attached HDD and the folders within. It never ask for a login. When I right click on the NucleusPlus it has no login option. Yet still I am unable to drag new files to the HDD because I am told I do not have permission to the destination location. Any other suggestions?

Hey @Ronald_Johnston – try this:

  • In Explorer, go to This PC
  • Right click in the Explorer window and select “Add A Network Location”
  • Choose to add a network location and enter \\NUCLEUSPLUS\Data\Storage

Once you’re in the Storage folder on Nucleus, you should see a folder for your hard drive and you should be able to read/write.

If not, you may want to plug the hard drive directly to the Windows machine and confirm you can write to the drive that way.

Just let us know if you’re still stuck ok? Thanks!

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Followed your instructions and set up the location as specified. However, It still tells me I need permission to access that location therefore, I am assuming that I will need to disconnect the HDD and plug it into my computer to grant read and write access. So that I do not mess up the Roon Nucleus, how do I correctly disconnect and then reconnect the hard drive from the Nucleus? Will that mess up my library by doing so.


You can just shut down the Nucleus via the web interface.

Once it’s shut down, unplug the hard drive. Then you can reconnect it once you’ve tested, and turn Nucleus back on.

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To be clear, I open a copy of Roon on one of my computers and choose the web interface. It will then show the Nucleus Plus and allow me to turn it off via the interface. I assume that disengages the power button. After checking the HDD and making sure it has read and write capability I can return the HDD to the Nucleus and turn the power button back on. While I have the HDD disconnected from the Nucleus what would happen if I added the files I want to add using the computer and then plugging it back into the Nucleus. Would the Nucleus recognize the new files?

Just discovered my problem. My External HDD is formatted in OS Journal which according to your user guide does not allow the addition of new music. it took me about a week to load that G-Technology 4TB HDD with all my music and to purge any duplicates. I do not want to reformat it unless it can be reformatted with software that retains all the music. If you are aware of such software I would very much like to know. My present solution is to use the two port USB on the back of the NucleusPlus and add a second drive formatted in NTSF which would become the drive I add additional albums to. Is that possible to have two HDDs attached to the NucleusPlus that are formatted differently? Thank you for your help.

Hey @Ronald_Johnston,

Unfortunately you cannot format the drive without losing the data. Using two drives would be no issue at all, though. One option would be to use your current drive as a backup and then migrate all of your files, including new files, to a new large drive. If you have any questions please let me know!