Adding new music is very slow

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

DS3018xs - latest Roon build

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

MBP and Auralic Altair

Description Of Issue

Slow refresh of database when new music added. I replaced a DS918+ NAS with a DS3018xs, to be able to handle the ROON software load. When I added music on the DS918+, the added music was processed immediately. This new system can take hours to show the new music in Roon. How do I get it to add the music to the database promptly?

NAS drives are not “watched”, so you could initiate a rescan after changes to have them recognized:

Not quite true, they are “watched” but Roon is dependant on the OS’ SMB implementation to send it file system change notifications … I have no problems with a Roon Core, Windows 10, QNAP combination… but I know different setups (esp. Roon Linux based systems) often yield poor results.

Ok, thanks for the correction… I just know that external NAS storage isn’t as “instant” as local storage when it comes to recognizing a change, and perhaps this is the OPs issue :slight_smile:

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As I said at the beginning, my DS918+, a NAS too slow for Roon, sometimes, updated with new music in seconds. The DS3018xs, also a Synology box and much faster, does not. Same software setup. So, the replies do not accommodate the two observations.

Hi @Richard_Presser,

What is the size of your Roon database, how many tracks and albums do you currently have?

It looks like this NAS has an Intel Pentium D1508 CPU according to Amazon, which does not meet our Minimum Requirements. We cannot support under spec’d Core as Roon does use a significant amount of resources to perform it’s duties.

If you are storing the music still on the old NAS, it would then be accessed via SMB which is subject to a rescan interval, but if you have the music library on the new NAS, it should appear pretty quickly since it is a local drive.

7000 albums, 95000 tracks.
So, in the future, can I put the Roon software on a NUC, for example, and have it source the music from the NAS? I would Ethernet connect them. I have everything Ethernet connected.

Hi @Richard_Presser,

Yes, you can use a ROCK or Nucleus Core and then have the NAS just as a storage location with the media files. Our ROCK: Getting Started provides all the needed info and links to our suggested ROCK kit.

I purchased the NUC10i7FNK and have installed the latest BIOS. However, when I go to boot from the USB, it does not boot. It shows on the screen as the only option to boot from, but does not boot.

This shows the files I have downloaded on the left and the USB config after flashing it as recommended.
But it doesn’t boot on the NUC. Can you help?

I turned off secure boot in the BIOS settings and I could see the full USB and I could install it. It took me several hours to figure this out. You may want to update your instructions with this. Everything else worked fine and the NUC is up and running.

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Hi @Richard_Presser,

Glad to hear you are up-and-running on the new NUC!

I’ll get this info over to our documentation team, thanks!

However, the issue that you blamed on an out of spec Roon processor still exists… New albums used to be processed immediately on my lowly powered Celeron processor… Now, they are not… Has your software team introduced a bug?
Two albums I loaded soon after setting up the NUC took several hours to show up in Roon, exactly as occurred prior to my installing it.

As was explained further up in this post.NAS devices do not always advertise file system updates to other computers relaibly more so over Linux based systems… If your running Roon on another computer it will only scan your library every 4 hours by default, unless an OS update is given to tell it otherwise. Not all makes/models of NAS do ths reliably. If you go in to storage settings for Roon you can decrease the time between each library scan or force a rescan manually. It still wont be instant though unless its local storage. I gave up using my MAS as main music storage for Roon due to this reason and only use it as backup. I keep all the music for ROCK on a local USB disk and use the NAS to back this up. This is not specific issue for Roon either, I have found the same happened with Plexw when it was run on a separate computer to the nas. When its running on the nas its local storage so it triggers it instantly.

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