Adding new releases to library before release date-songs unavailable even after released

Is this a glitch in Roon? When I go to play the new release , if I remember the release date , it says songs are unavailable, instead of being available as they should be.

Have you checked to see if another version of the album exists after release date?
I’ve seen similar behaviour before.
Sometimes streaming services will “relist” (I’m not sure the correct term) an album.
This usually happens if there’s been a change in music industry distributors etc but I’ve seen it happen with new releases too.

I’ve found that Tidal will remove the older listing whereas Qobuz will leave the older version up but the tracks will show as unavailable.

It also happens that release dates vary by geographical region.
So an album will show up in the streaming service but won’t be playable until the release date for your region.

Thanks, there are no other versions after release date. I just have to keep an eye on it I guess. I will just have to keepe deleting from library, then add back in. Only solution

If another version isn’t available then I’m not sure what’s happening here.
It would seem to be a different issue.

Have your tried forcing a refresh of the streaming service?

Good thought. I just did it. But, Ill have to wait til next time I add new release before actual release date. Either your way or my way works, neither are efficient tho. That’s why I was wondering if it’s a bug.

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