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I am trying to add a new track to an existing album. I moved the file into the folder but when Roon sees the new file it creates a new album. I know I can select the new and old album, click edit and create a new merged album. I don’t want to do this, I just want to add the new track to the existing album. Is this possible?

Was it a missing track, a different version…?

I have an album that I created that has 10 tracks on it. I want to add a new track to the existing album.

The steps I did was to add the new track to the same folder that the other 10 tracks are in. When I have Roon rescan my database it creates a second album. So now I have 1 album with the original 10 tracks and a second album with the new track. Instead of having 2 albums, I want 1 album with 11 tracks.

Is there a way to add a new track to the original album? If I merge the albums together it creates a new album which means I have to re-edit everything.

So these are just random tracks not the tracks of an identifiable album release?

This is an album that I created. It is an unidentified album.

Not sure.
What happens if you put the extra track in the folder and then do Edit, reanalyse on the original collection album?

Nothing changes. The new track I want to add still isn’t added.

Roon has no data to identify it as part of the previous so…

Can you check, with a file tag editor, that the metadata in this new track aligns with the metadata in existing tracks?

I just deleted the original album and started over. Their needs to be an easy way to add a new track to an existing album.

I don’t have a file tag editor and by the time I download one, etc. I could just delete everything and start over.

Thing is its not an album its just a bunch of tracks. Not something roon copes with really.

Sorry I don’t understand. Isn’t all Albums just a bunch of tracks that are grouped together? When creating the album Roon puts all of the tracks together. I just wanted to add a new track to the existing album I created. I had hoped it would be a simple thing but I guess not.

Oh well I just did the workaround.

Thanks everyone for your help

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