Adding non released music to Roon

I am sure this question has been asked before but I have searched and have not come across to so if someone could please send me a link. I have music files that were recorded by amateur musicians and never released by a record company. Is there any method for me manually adding these to Roon. I can do the tags, etc, I just need them to appear so I can tag and play.

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Roon takes any common format if the codecs for it are installed. But before reading from the harddisk I would prepare everything nicely (metadata, images…) and then put it into a separate folder e.g.

Album Artist/Album/Track Artist - Title.mp3
Album Artist/Album (date)/discnumber tracknumber.Track Artist - Title.mp3

can of course be written instead of .mp3 in an .ogg or in a .flac (lossless) if it is only available as wav or on CD.

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Hey @Ken_Merrigan,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question. Roon offers you quite a bit of flexibility for how your metadata is handled upon import.

I see @Uwe_Albrecht has jumped in to help out here - his music collection is so large it can be seen in satellite images from space :rocket: and he knows a lot about tagging, etc.

You can also poke around in our Knowledge Base and Help Center and find tips for grooming, importing, and displaying your collection to your specific tastes. Please take a look!


…and he has far too little time in life to listen to everything he has already collected and what further suggestions come from the team and the community. But it is fun to deal with parts of it and the more collected, the better the new connections and discoveries work out (oh how awful even more) :rofl: :heart_eyes: :relaxed:


Thank you for your responses. SO currently the songs are in their own folder. But I do see that the file names are not consistent. So renaming the files (they are all flac files) should allow Roon to read and them and have them appear in Roon. I will give that a try and report back on results.


You may want to look into external tagging programs like mp3tag or SongKong to mass rename. mp3tag allows you to take a .txt file and parse it into track names and numbers etc based off the regex builder they supply already. Super handy.

Like so:
01 Little Sadie
02 Two Girls
03 Fiddler’s Dream>Whistling Rufus>Ragtime Annie
04 Soon Forget
05 Pearly Gates
06 Groundhog
07 Frosty Morn>Rubin’s Train
08 John Henry
09 John Deere
10 Dust In The Baggie


Thank you again to those that posted replies to my question. Renaming the files so all were artist.title has produced the desired result. Score another one for the Roon community. You guys ROCK!!!


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