Adding one folder at a time

Hello everyone

So, now that I have a year membership , i’m importing the rest of my music ( very large collection ) so to make sure all is good as far as the metadata is concerned , I’m adding one folder at a time ( rather than the whole drive ) so I know I will have loads and loads of added folders - not the most efficent way of doing it , but it gives me more control - is this procedure ok as far as roon is concerned or Will I run into issues later down the line (or is there another way )



No a very sensible way of doing it , the import will not stall, as far as I know there is no limit to the number of watched folders

Thanks Mike - Yes, I guessed it wasn’t the best
I have made sure that all the meta is correct , but there are some in there , that I know are not good…so If I move these folders outside if the main music directory - i just end up with the music in an " unorganised " state

Getting to the point when I’m ready to abandon iTunes ( yeah !! )

Ray I seem to remember adding just one folder when I started with Roon in a test similar to what you are doing. I eventually abandoned it in favor of just letting Roon do what it does. Roon will override much of the bad metadata if it finds an album match anyway.

In the Roon settings are options for how much processing to give Roon to manage your library. If you have a fast machine I would increase this as it will finish importing the library much quicker if it has more resources available to it (under settings->Library)



Thanks Mike
Yes, I noticed that setting previously

I expect I will eveyually get tired of it and let Roon take control !
one more thing - do you know how to create new Genres ?



Ray do you mean when you edit the imported metadata?
I am currently on my phone and you can’t do it there. I will pop up and have a look on my computer.


I believe that Roon will read whatever genre is in the file tag and then if the album is identified by Roon it will add any additional genres as needed, including really bad ones that are part of the imported metadata.

Another strong ething with the meta data

I have a collection of CDs call Dance Classics
Using a Metadatics on the mac - The Album is called Dance classics Vol 1
but roon keeps naming it Dance Classics, Volume 1
If I change the convention for roon to use the File tags would this Make it Dance Classics Vol 1 ?

I love roon and have paid for a annual subscription - but this metadata thing is driving me to distraction

The are all named correctly as far as I’m concerned
any ideas ?