Adding or Liking an Album or Artist Hangs [Ticket In]

Roon Core Machine

I have this problem with the latest Roon app on my Macbook Pro, and it also happens on the iOS Roon app,

If I click the “+” sign next to an artist or album I get the spinning animation and it never confirms or completes.

Seems to be a recurring issue. Any ideas?

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Reboot your roon server.

Hey @goat-unicorn,

Thanks for writing in! This is a bug we’re aware of and currently working on a fix. Luckily, as @ged_hickman1 mentioned, even though the add/like spinner continues to spin, the track or album will still properly add to your library (restarting roon and going to your recently added will show the track or LP in question:+1:)

When there is movement on this issue, I will certainly let you know. Thanks so much for your patience :pray:

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