Adding PDF to Tidal albums

We need a better way to manage PDFs for albums.
I don’t think i need to argue for the importance of PDFs, do I?
This is especially valuable for Tidal albums, which in my experience are thinner in metadata than rips and downloads.
But there is no way to add a PDF to a Tidal album, since the only way to assign a PDF is to put it in the folder.

I think PDFs should be handled the same way as pictures: support the folder location, like we do with folder.jpg.
But also permit assignment through the Edit dialog.

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I believe this discussion is related: Link to external PDFs (music scores)

a plus one from me for the ability to add links to pdfs in Library but on Roon or Tidal. The whole idea of Roon is that streaming albums and local albums are indistinguishable and they do a mighty fine job of this. This aspect is one area where the integration could be moved up a notch.

I have save the Kate Tempest album - let them eat chaos to my Library from Qobuz and have made a pdf of the lyrics as Qobuz have no pdf but have no way to access it through Roon.