Adding "Play with Roon" to Windows File Explorer's context menu?

is this possible? while browsing in File Explorer, pick a track or a playlist and right click and select the menu option “Play with Roon”

I should add that I would be “exploring” within Roon watched folders

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Hi @Richard_Green,

No Roon does not support this.

It is a nice idea though…

I know Carl, but could it? should it?

I vote yes.

Those are different questions … and this is more a feature request now so I’ll move it over to #roon:feature-requests section of the forum.

Effectively you’re asking for [external] folder browsing, Roon have made there position on this quite clear. I think they would view this in the same vain.

You can drag the file onto the Roon playing now section to play it and it will copy it to your library but you can’t right click, it has to be in your library to be able to play.

Hi @CrystalGipsy

Given this …

I took it that files where already known to Roon and the Richard is looking for an alternative way to start playing files that’s external to Roon’s GUI.

I meant that as … File Explorer is way easier to use when browsing large amounts of audio files and when one is found? … let’s play this one and have a listen.