Adding Poly SD Card to Roon sources of music

I just started using my Poly-Mojo with Roon, and have not find any instruction how the content of the sd card on Poly can be added to Roon music sources. Can you advise me?

From what I can tell it needs to be connected as a USB device AND visible to the computer hosting your core. Here is the KB on storage locations if that helps.

I have only been able to use a thumb drive connected directly to my ROCK, none of my DAPS with SD cards are “seen” by Roon (AK380, QP1R, or EchoBox Explorer). I did not try this with the PC as the core so that might work…???

I think if the Poly shows up as a network attached storage or as a thumb drive when connected to the core it would work. Does it show up as attached storage on your network?

Thanks. It does not appear as attached storage connecting to the core (macosx) via USB. Tried to connect by switching poly to hotspot mode, but Roon did not see it.