Adding Qobuz albums to local playlist!

Simple question really. What advantages if any are there to adding albums to the Roon local playlists.

The only one that comes to mind is that you can change the local copy without changing the Qobuz one, delete/add tracks etc.

Thank you for that info.

Are the Qobuz albums IN your library or NOT IN your library when you add the track(s) to the Playlist? Your question’s answer depends upon the answer, imho.

The playlists are in Qobuz and Local, So what would happen if I delete the playlist in Qobuz but leave them in my local playlists. When you add a Qobuz playlist then add to local playlist you have two versions in your playlist!.

If you delete the Qobuz version in Roon, you remove it from Qobuz as well.

If I have a playlist I want to use on the go, then I only edit it in Qobuz.