Adding Roon Endpoint AND Bluetooth to a DAC/Pre?

So I know there are opions for adding each of these things seperately, but is there a good way of adding both to a system with one box?

Reason I ask is that I’m thinking of adding a denafrips terminator to my sytem (or orther top end dac) and I need to add digital solutions to whatever I go with as my system is 100% digital sourced.

I know some DACS, like the Matrix Audio Sabre 3 have both roon and bluetooth available but I’m not sure they’re in the same league as the denafrips when it comes to pure DAC functionality and sound quality.

A Raspberry Pi and Ropieee is a great low cost option if you don’t mind a little diy.

The basic version will handle roon.

The XL version running on a Pi 4 should do Bluetooth (I only use the basic version myself)

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