Adding Roon functionality to a DAC/Amp unit?

Hi, I have a SMSL M500 that’s my amp/dac unit for my headphone setup. It it not roon capable. Is it possible to add a network interface that’s roon ready to hook up to my amp/dac where I can control the setup using my ipad? I have no idea if this is possible just wondering. Product ideas will be helpful for me I don’t know of anything at the moment that will do this. Thanks. I’m basically looking for a device that would have wifi/ethernet input and then a output to my amp/dac over a digital connection like usb/optical something like that.

There are lots of products to do that. A raspberry pi is the cheapest.


I am using Raspberry Pi with RoPieee connected to USB DAcs.

Thanks everyone I now have a RoPieee unit in a FLIRC case. Works perfectly.

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