Adding ROONALBUMTAG or ROONTRACKTAG to an entire directory tree in one fell swoop (Linux)

Open a terminal window, navigate to the parent folder containing all the albums/folders you want to add the tag to, then run the following (modify as necessary for tagging requirements, including adding as many --set-tag=“roonalbumtag=whatever you want” as you need tags):

find . -name “*.flac” -type f -execdir metaflac --set-tag=“roonalbumtag=whatever you want” {} ;


If you don’t mind, please share your use case for these tags (apart from genres). I’m having a hard time imagining a use for my setup.


I imagine different folk will have different use cases. Some that come to mind:

  • for the chaps that want to browse by folder because they have a swathe of albums in a specific tree that represents a type of music or time period or whatever they can add a roonalbumtag.
  • you can add your own track star rating and browse say all tracks rated 4* or better etc.

Pretty much anything you can do via Roon’s Tags, except you can mass tag outside Roon in an instant whereas doing the same from within Roon would be quite challenging.

Husband and wife with different libraries?

Yip, but I’d set that up as two different storage locations and disable the one not in use, thus retaining Roon’s full functionality without being restricted to an album or a tag view.

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Use ‘mp3tag’ software

Any tagger will do, but if we’re talking an entire directory tree on a headless server a terminal command is a lot easier and more efficient than writing changes over a network.

You can select a entire directory with mp3tag

There’s nothing you’re going to teach me about tagging using mp3tag I don’t already know. You happy to tag 1000’s of files across a network filesystem that’s great, knock yourself out, this thread’s not for you.

Excuse me, could it be a bit friendlier, I responded with good intentions