Adding some Tags - long lag

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Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is the album identified in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

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Just curious if anyone else notices this. When I add some Tags, it is added almost instantly. Some other Tags take 30 to 40 seconds to show. Is this normal?

Hi @Matthew_Bowden1,

Thank you for your post and for your patience. We’ll need a more specific report to investigate, however.

Are you able to provide an example of a tagging situation (track or album name included in the batch) or an approximate timestamp of when you see a longer lag?

Are you using any third-party software to manage tagging?

Hi Connor,

Thanks for getting back to me - sorry for my slow response. I am not using any third-party software. I have set up tags to rate individual songs, see pic

Anytime I select the two or three star rating - it takes forever to update the song with that tag. Could it be just because I have a lot of songs tagged with these tags? When I select a 1, 4 or 5 star tags - no issues. I have 46,720 songs tagged with the 3 star, 24,278 with the 2 star and less then 10,000 on any of the other tags.

The lag time to add any tag does not change throughout the day.

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Hi @connor,

No improvements here, any update on this?

Hi @Matthew_Bowden1,

Our apologies for the extreme delay, but we wanted to revisit your case with some conclusions.

After investigating diagnostics with development, here’s what we know.

Applying a single tag broadly across most or all library objects is a known mechanism to slow Roon, but this more commonly occurs when users add a word tag across a full library (ie. “from Bandcamp” or “CD imports”).

In your case, the size of the library might be exacerbating an otherwise manageable performance slowdown due to tagging due to the available processing power of the machine.