Adding Spotify Web Connect to RPi endpoint

I am using a RPi3/HiFiBerry Digi+ (running HiFiBerry’s Roon client) and have added Shairport to it to support streaming Spotify from my Macbook via airplay. Unfortunately this is less that ideal (as it ties up my Macbook audio out or, if I use Airfoil it drops out constantly with Spotify)

I am therefore interested in adding Spotify Web Connect: to the endpoint as this feels a more elegant solution.

I can crash about in Linux and follow commands accurately - but have no in-depth understanding of what I am actully doing. SO, before attempting the above installation I wonder if any others have got Spotify Connect working in this way and if there is anything I should know?

Thanks in advance


Hi Doug - I’ve done this and it works very well. I used the first set of install instructions on, no need to use chroot.

However, using DietPi it did need a little bit of hacking on the source code to get running. There’s a problem to do with the way it handles the volume setting for a device with no volume control. Looking on the internet, I think the problem is specific to DietPi, it may work out of the box on Raspbian or the Roon image.

If you get a Python error message about division by 0 when you run it, post it here and I can tell you how to fix it. It’s very simple.


Thanks for the reply.

Looking at it more closely I think I may be out of my depth and you credit me with more skill than I have!

I stumbled at the first hurdle - the form to apply for the Spotify App-Key!

It’s frustrating though as this seems a much better way of using Spotify than streaming.

Looks like I need to learn more Linux before attempting this . .