Adding SSD to Rock - thoughts?

Hi there,

I currently have a 2tb spinning hard drive in my NUC ROCK (NUC7i7BNB, Samsung 250GB NVMe SSD, Crucial 2x4gb 2133 DDR4 ram). I backup to the harddrive, it has music files on it too. I also backup to my NAS.

I am running out of space now so I have been wondering about swapping the current 2tb drive for a 4tb SSD, something like a Samsung EVO 4tb.

Other than more space, can I expect any change in performance? Or should I just get another spinning drive?

I don’t really hear the current drive unless I move towards it and definitely not when listening to music.

It’ll be quieter and a bit speedier, but not really noticeable for music content. It’ll use less power too.

I wouldn’t buy a 4TB spinning disk in 2021, but take that as my personal opinion.

I’m puzzled. If this is the Internal Storage of your ROCK system, you really shouldn’t be putting backups on it alongside your music files. It really isn’t a good idea.

ROCK itself is on a Samsung 250GB NVMe SSD. The USB drive was added later, it was actually an external drive which I took the case off and installed inside my NUC (HDPLEX case) instead of accessing the music files on the NAS across my wired network.

In terms of back-up, I save on the internal USB, the NAS and its also copied across to my desktop PC, plus I have a cold back-up too. This is for both Roon and the music files themselves.

Thanks! The only thing stopping me to date was the price jump between 2tb and 4tb SSD.

I am still ripping CDs to FLAC and I have been slowing moving towards the magic 2tb line which would not then fit on the current HDD.

Ah - OK, it’s a USB Drive, so ROCK sees it as an “external” drive, and can be used for Backups. If you connect a drive via SATA, then it will show up in Roon as “Internal Storage”, and this drive cannot be used for Backups.

Thats helpful, thank you. So, if/when I pull the existing USB drive and replace it with a 4tb SSD this will mean I can store my music on the new SSD, but I won’t be able to back-up the Roon database, is that correct?

That is correct. If you want an additional Backup location besides your NAS, you could put the HDD back in its enclosure and plug it in to a USB port on the NUC…

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