Adding Tidal albums to Roon issue

I successfully loaded Roon and Tidal on my core computer and my remote devices and, for a period, I was able to search for and add albums to my library from Tidal. However now when I try to search for an album I get a error message ( “Artist not available” or “network not working”).

I would appreciate it if someone would give me some guidance on how to get back to the normal search function.

I would suggest trying two things:

  • In Roon, logout of Tidal and then log back in again (sometimes Tidal get confused with account credentials).
  • Rebooting the Roon Core (The “standard” IT response).

Let us know how you get on.

Carl thanks for your reply. I’m not exactly sure how to reboot roon. In other words how do I turn it completely off. Thanks in advance Warren

I can’t specifically answer that as it depends on whether you are running Roon or Roon Server and what platform you are running on (Windows, Mac, NAS, Linux).

However, rebooting the machine that the Roon Core is running on will do it.

Thanks Carl, I am running roon core on my iMac