Adding tidal collections

So every once and a while i reload my tidal collections so my library is more current. All of a sudden I can’t find for the life of me find the button to add collections. Can someone remind me how?

Hi Hunter,

It’s been removed. From Mike’s 1.6 Release Notes.

TIDAL Collections

We have removed this feature from Roon while we look into alternatives. Look for an updated version of Collections in a future release!

Cheers, Greg

Huh ok. Thank you


This is very confusing for a new user, if it’s removed why is it still documented???

TIDAL Collections

The truth is, not everyone has thousands of albums in their personal collections or even thousands of tracks . And not everyone uses a streaming service. If you’re one of those people you’re not missing out on what Roon has to offer, but we know that you’ll enjoy Roon more when there’s more music instantly at your fingertips.

We wanted to make it easy for people who are new to TIDAL, or just have small music collections, to add new music to their library and get to listening when they launch Roon for the first time. That’s what we did with TIDAL Collections.

Just open the TIDAL browser in Roon and click the Collections header. You can click the genres that interest you, and Roon will add a collection of albums from each selected genre as favorites to your TIDAL library. These albums are not stored on your hard drive, and you can always remove them later.

The TIDAL collections that you select will also automatically create corresponding Tags; for example, the TIDAL “Alternative” collection will create the “TIDAL:Alternative” tag.

If you already have an extensive TIDAL collection , then this feature may not be for you. This feature adds music to your favorites, and because Roon already helps you find new music based on what’s in your favorites, our TIDAL collections feature may be more distracting than helpful.