Adding Tidal reccomended albums/artists/genres AFTER having a chance to indicate musical preferences

I’ve only installed Roon a couple of times. But as I recall something like "Add Tidal Recommended Albums for these genres… " was an option upon installation. I responded in the affirmative. But to my dismay I’ve found that my library is now FILLED with music I have ZERO interest in (putting it mildly). Why? Well I’m assuming that it’s because I pointed Roon to my music library, which ALSO has lots of music I have zero interest in. And why would that be? Because it’s not just my library, but the library of my whole household. One house - one digital library, but many musical tastes.

I don’t falt Roon for making this association. But something needs to change…

I believe the process of adding Tidal recommendations to a particular user’s library needs to happen AFTER the user has the chance to go into the library that was exposed to Roon, and hiding the albums/artists/genres they have no interest in. And only after that should the process of adding Tidal’s recommended - for that particular user - music be done.

Or maybe an option of “Please revise the Tidal recommendations, now that I’ve I’ve had a chance to show you what music in my library I want hidden”?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi Steve,

A number of people have found themselves in the same position and the devs are looking at whether the default option for Tidal Recommended Albums is sufficiently clear.

So far as one library, many tastes is concerned there are some tools to handle that. The first is profiles as per this post:

Profiles don’t make library changes however, but you can manage albums and tracks in libraries with tags. You can create a tag for each user which can be applied to albums/tracks. You can do this in bulk, either by selecting a group of albums manually or using the Focus tools and ctrl-a to select all when you have a group of albums you want to tag. You can then Focus on the tag and save it as a bookmark. Each user will then have a bookmarked library. This requires some management by each user tagging new additions to the general library with their tag if they want it to be included in their bookmarked library.

To clean up the unwanted Tidal stuff, try Focus/Inspector/Storage Location/Tidal Library and then add a second Focus using the Added tool to isolate the date when the Tidal Recommended Albums were added. Ctrl-a to select all, then deselect those you want to keep. Edit/Delete Album will eventually get them unfavourited in Tidal (but this can take some days). Edit/Hide Album will hide them until Tidal and Roon get round to deleting them.

Cheers !


+1, i second @scolley wishes concerning TIDAL recos integration option.

Thanks for the +1 Bruno.

And thanks for the very useful recommendations Andybob for how to manage the problem.

However, it’s all a lot of work. And it’s work that I know my family (spouse in particular) will NEVER perform. Instead, they’ll just never use Roon and will stick to their Pandora, Spotify, ect. Which is unfortunate for Roon Labs. And I’m sure my family is not going to be unique in this regard. So without going into the “how” to implement the change I’m asking for, allow me to clarify the “what” I’m hoping Roon Labs will implement…

  1. Allow each user of my library to indicate the music they like, and
  2. Make those likes and dislikes work as a - user specific - permanent
    and persistent filter to the music in my library, Tidal included.
  3. Save me - and my family - all the work of telling Roon that we don’t
    like a large number of the Tidal suggestions because Roon included
    Tidal suggestions in my library before I (and other family members)
    had a chance to indicate likes/dislikes.

Also - at the risk of going OT - I REALLY wish what I suggested above could be implemented on a genre basis. As much as I am passionate about music that I love, I’m equally passionate about the stuff that I loathe. And Roon has loaded my library up with it. I wish I could just be able to designate a genre or two and say “Don’t EVER show me that stuff - I can’t even bring myself to call it music.:wink: Obviously that too, would be unique to each user (profile).

Hi Steve,
I probably made it sound harder than it is, but 1, 2 and genre filtering can be done now with tags and bookmarks named for different profiles. It could be made simpler by:

  • hiding the tag functionality and just have the user “add to profile” or “delete from profile”. Tags could do the work but without the user opening the tag manager;

  • having a profile open the library and default to a bookmarked Profile view.
    For example:
    [+] Profile tag
    [+] New
    [-] Death Metal
    [-] Hip-Hop

Profiled users could still see the whole library by clicking off their default filters.

Actually, the simplest thing may be for different users to have separate profiles and favourite the albums they want included in their library. No tags required. They could then get to their own library just by clicking favourites.

I have to say that I’m in two minds with regard to having a single library for all user profiles. There are pros and cons for this. I think that it doesn’t work so well if album browsing is your ingrained method of selecting music.

Having said that, tagging works exceptionally well.

Andybob - thanks for the reply, and the clarification/detail. I’ve not forgotten this, just got busy. But will get back to you soon. Thanks.