Adding Titles to Hard Drives

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Verizon Gig Ethernet - Nuc/Wi-fi - Remotes

Connected Audio Devices

ifi server to Pro-Ject Pre Box

Number of Tracks in Library

664061 tracks

Description of Issue

I have six hard drives hooked up to my NUC with various segments of my collection on each. Is there a way that I can add to the hard drives from my network? In other words, without unplugging the drives, or adding a monitor/keyboard/input to the NUC. Thanks.

I’m assuming you’re running ROCK on your NUC… it’s already there: smb://rock.local/data contains a folder call Storage. Open that and each drive should be listed by unique name. So, all you need to do from your computer is navigate to your network and open the Samba share as guest.

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Like @Martin_Webster said, I am assuming you are using ROCK on the NUC:
This is what mine looks like from WIN10 to NUC/ROCK and one USB thumb drive plugged into the NUC:

I just typed “\\rock\data\storage” into Windows explorer. YMMV


Thanks everyone, really great!

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