"Adding to my Library" makes all other songs in a Tidal Album disappear

In Roon, for Tidal Albums, when adding new music , I have noticed the following :

I select a song by clicking the + symbol (to “Add to my Library) in a Tidal album and all the other songs instantly disappear.

This is now happening all the time.

Go into “Artists” view.
Select an Artist.
Go into an Album.

I add a song by selecting + “Add To Library”, to the right of the song.

Then the rest of the songs in the Album disappear.

A few secounds later …. then the following appears ….
“This Album Has Been Deleted”

I click on this and I am now left in the “Albums” view (not the Artist from where I originally started from when selecting an Album to explore songs).

If there was more than one song that I liked, I now have to switch over to the
Tidal App (for OS X) … to add the rest of the songs that I liked.

I love Roon for discovering new music, though my “music discovery workflow” now includes;

  1. Listen to a Tidal Album in Roon.
  2. Remember which songs I liked, for example, tracks 3,4,5,11
  3. For track 3, click the + symbol to the right of the song.
  4. Switch over to the Tidal OSX app … find the album and add tracks 4,5,11

It is getting a bit cumbersome.

This may be related to the above problem … similar result.

Before Roon … I used Tidal and sometimes just liked a couple of songs in an Album.

Now … When I go to that Tidal album in Roon … I just see the couple of songs that I favourite… no other songs from that Album.

Is their a way in Roon to see the songs in an Album that I originally (in Tidal app) did not favourite ?

Thanks @Duke – this is a bug. We’re looking into it.

Thanks Mike … I was wondering if it was just me (or my setup).
I appreciate you letting me know.

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Still happening in build 29 … would love to see this bug fixed in the next build … it would save me from having to switch to Tidal as much… as I much prefer the Roon interface.

Hey @Duke – we’re going to fix this issue, but the work involved isn’t trivial, so it will likely happen along with some other TIDAL improvements we have on our roadmap for the next couple of months.

For the moment, sit tight and note that you can use search as a workaround – you can search for the album title, navigate to the TIDAL search results, click the album and select “add to album”. Not the best, but hopefully that works for the time being.


@mike A little bit clunky … though I just tried it and works … so I am very grateful for the workaround … no need to switch to Tidal … I can stay in Roon.
Thanks again for all your help. Appreciate it.


Is this still considered an issue that needs a fix?

Just today, I search, find an album on Tidal, play the album, start listening, and let’s say track 3 I like so I click the track and select Add to Library. At that moment, all other tracks disappear, but they do keep playing. However, now if I search again, I can’t seem to ‘find’ the album anymore. Where did it go?

We still have other improvements planned here, but we did implement a workaround for when you’ve only added a single track from an album.

The “1 track” version of the album is in your library, and you can access the TIDAL version (with the full track list) by clicking Other Versions on the album page.