Adding to my Tidal playlists? [Answered]

Hi – first time caller (OK, second time) long time fan.

I have imported my Tidal playlists. When I listen to Tidal tracks on Roon, why can’t I add them to the Tidal playlists? They don’t appear as options. Please advise.

Hi @Ed_Harrison ---- Thank you for the question! We usually handle any support or software related inquiries out on the public site so other users have access to any tips or troubleshooting suggestions made, should they have a same/similar question. Hope you don’t mind that I’ve made this a public topic.

Moving forward, in order to make changes to a TIDAL generated playlist you must make a copy of it before bring it into Roon. Examples below :sunglasses:


Thank you and my apologies for not knowing the process. I appreciate your help!

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No worries @Ed_Harrison, happy listening!