Adding to playlist automatically adds to library

Seems strange I would add to playlist but not add the same item to my library. Can we make this automated and linked?

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I think there are a number of us here who add albums to playlists to listen to later to decide if we want to add them to our library (or not).

I have several playlists of albums recommended by various outlets or end of year lists etc. and I certainly wouldn’t want these automatically added to my library.



Totally agree

I have similar problem - my playlists are full of songs not in my library as they were converted from Tidal playlists.

So then make it an option/toggle ?


I’m very grateful for Roon and wouldn’t trade it, but please, even if it’s 5 years down on the priority list, give some direct way to add playlist songs to my library. Even if it’s just a toggle on the My Playlists screen that either show playlists or all the songs in the playlists. Then at least I could just select them all and add to my library. This need is greatly exacerbated when someone (like me) has both Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions - because playlists that contain imported songs from Qobuz - ones that have the same songs I’ve already added to my Library from Tidal (but maybe have re-imported because there was no MQA version but Qobuz had a 24 bit version, etc.) also don’t get added and Roon almost always chokes or lags severely or doesn’t work at all when there are already a few songs from an album in the library and one tries to add the full album without first removing those songs (and then one loses their play count, etc.) - even if they are from different services. So I would have to open each playlist, totaling thousands of albums, then either add the album (if Roon didn’t spin and hang forever on it), or remove the tidal version and then re-add the Qobuz version (but what happens if I decide to cancel one of the services eventually, so I don’t want to remove the Tidal version, but I also don’t need duplicates showing up in my favorites, etc.).

I’m sure this suggestion is fraught with problems, but if it were possible to have an option in settings that was something like “for songs in your library, automatically replace (or add duplicate) and transfer all user specific metadata including times played and “favorite” setting, when the same song is seen in a playlist that’s been added more recently and has a higher bitrate, etc.”.

The above would also resolve the situation where I have made a song a favorite and played it 200 times using the version from Tidal, but then bring in a higher quality version from Qobuz and even if I get it into my library, I have to re-favorite it and I lose the number of times played, which for me - someone who heavily leverages the times played metric because my listening patterns are to often listen to nothing but the same album everyday for 2 or 3 months - throws off any ability to create bookmarks that capture the music I’ve really lived with, and songs that I have played hundreds of times now show up with 0 plays and so can no longer sort on that value (I understand this is very specific to adding the same song from a different service and probably not worth anyone’s time until the “maybe nice to have” section of the roadmap is reached). But I often use play count to find the songs I’ve forgotten to mark as favorites.

Sorry, I went off topic and rambled. I know my issue doesn’t mean it’s anyone else’s issue, and it’s in no way a complaint nor does it influence how much I tell people I love Roon - I just kinda brain dumped because I’m dealing with the situation right now. Thanks for listening, it’s one of the nicest things, that so often we get responses from the people responsible for Roon - even if it’s a “sorry but no” - at least one feels like the thought made it to the right people - and that is so rare these days (but that wasn’t said to try to illicit any response here - you’ve responded enough times already that I ‘feel heard’). :wink: Thanks.