Adding top tracks from an album

I really like Roon for exploring music. The “popular” checkmark is super helpful when sampling new albums.

It would be nice to have a “play/add popular tracks” option from the play menu for an album.


Hi Ed,

There already an option to play picks,although it is not part of the play button menu options. In the albums screen, all the way to the right, above the track time count there is a play picks option.

However, I do agree. I do not see why this option has to be left all alone. It should be with the other play options. So, +1 for me

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+1 from me too!

Thanks! Hadn’t seen that.

Also could be partly an iOS thing. I do most of my selection via my phone and I don’t think that button is on the app, where the main album play dropdown is.

Bumping this as the Play Picks and Play Top Tracks is still missing from iOS