Adding Vault 2 Files to Roon

So I have a lot of CD’s ripped to my Vault 2 hard drive that I would like to add to Roon. When I go to “Settings - Storage” in Roon, only my NAS drive shows up. How do I “find” the Vault 2 folder/files to add to Roon?

You need to +Folder from that page, then +Add Network Share from the subsequent pop up window.

OK, I do that but what then do I put in the pop up window for “Network Share Location”? I can’t seem to find the name of the “path” to type in.

You should be able to find the Vault IP address from the Bluesound app (Help => diagnostic).
Enter this in the “Network Share Location”: \\shared
( = IP address)

what do I actually enter? is it :\\shared do I need the server name. All I ever get is an unauthorised message