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First of all this software works perfectly for us and very happy with it. We haven’t any issues or problems at all. It’s integrated into full Meridian system using a modified Lenovo PC/Windows 10, desk top with upgraded power supplies and an intona USB Isolator. All this sounds as good as you would expect. Fantastic.
Two requests please.
!: Is it possible to have a convenient OFF Button? One that we don’t have to look for.
2: Roon to be able to be included to the start up list. So when we turn the PC on it’s there and we don’t need the use of a monitor.
Thank you for everything

Hi Mario,

It sounds like this is a dedicated PC that does not normally have the monitor switched on.
I would recommend switching from Roon (running the Core & GUI) to RoonServer (which runs the Core). Once installed RoonServer can be set to auto-start on boot-up. Then as and when need you can run Roon (running in remote mode) to display the GUI (or access it via another PC or compatible tablet device).

See How do I move my library over to RoonServer? for details.

I’m not sure what you mean by having an OFF button, can you elaborate.

I have this setup and it works beautifully, using either a Synology or a low-spec Mac Mini for the core. I plan to build a Roon Core / Plex PC (running Lubuntu) in the longterm, but this is my setup for now:

  • Mac Mini: RoonServer (always running the core) + Roon (as Remote, running when needed for control purposes)
  • iPhones: Remote
  • Laptops and Desktops: Roon (as remote)

All the media is currently stored on an external drive directly connected to the Mac Mini via Firewire 800, but keeping the media files on the NAS also worked well. DAS connected to a network-attached RoonServer seems to be an ideal scenario, minimizing physical and electric noise at the Zone locations while allowing for seamless Watch folders.