Additional cloud storage service integrations

Why is Dropbox the only cloud storage option?

I already pay for storage on Apple iCloud and Google Drive. I’d rather not have to add a $9.99 / month plan with dropbox just for music / Roon.

Any plans to add iCloud or Google Drive integration soon?

I can’t answer the question on Roon’s plans.

However, as an alternative to Dropbox … perform the DB backup to a folder on local disk, and then sync that folder to an offsite service of your choice.

Personally I prefer this approach, of having both local and remote copies.

Ah, I was actually hoping to store my music in the cloud but that doesn’t appear to be an option right now. The cloud integration is purely for DB backup?

Hi @Kyle_Fieleke,

I see, though Roon maybe considering something … see this topic …

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