Additional field for "Sort Date" (Rule-based w/Override)

Can we have a field called something like “Sort Date” that defaults based on various other dates and user settings, and which can then also be overridden by the user for any given track/album?

And then of course making that Sort Date an option in the various sorting views.

Some further thoughts:
No one sorting option works for everyone, but it’s a very important element for most of us. It would be great if we could all go into settings and specify our preference that, for example:

Set “Sort Date (Auto)” = “Original Release Date” where available, otherwise “Release Date” where available, otherwise “Original Copyright Date”

That would be a great default for my purposes. Others would have a stronger focus on Release Date than I do, and they could pick slightly different default options in Settings.

Then, for any given track or album be able to override “Sort Date (auto)” with our own hard coded override determination of what date serves our personal preference.

Thus, while 2020 might be the “Sort Date (Auto)” for Neil Young’s recent release “Homegrown,” one might override that to 1975 for when it was completed and shelved. Others might want to keep it at 2020.

All might want to be able to override either of those options for a given album in the collection with still a third date–say, the date of the performance whether that exists in the Roon meta data or is determined through some research and input as an override.

The Date we individually want to use for our sorting preferences is probably pretty important to nearly all of us. It seems the kind of area that could use a bit more oomph.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hearty listening to all,