Additional noise when using Roon

Hi, I’m new to Roon, been spending the day trying it out and loving the UI. However theres something wrong with the sound quality. I’m getting a low level electronic noise (I think the best way to describe it is sort of like cicadas or a sort of electronic ringing). This noise is not at a constant level but rather follows the main beat of a song, its especially obvious on EDM.

Checking against the same tracks on Tidal I don’t hear the same noise so this is obviously something being added by Roon.

This has got to be a solution to this as the added noise is something that is obvious, ie something that is not happening to all of the other audiophiles who use it or they wouldn’t!

Roon core is my laptop, USB to Chord Hugo into LCDX’s.

Thanks for any help

Welcome. Sounds like clipping maybe if it is following along to the beat?
Switch on the clipping indicator to check. It is in Headroom Management in DSP.

Thanks for the super quick reply!

Unfortunately that hasn’t solved it though

Hi Simon,

Tony’s suggestion wasn’t a solution so much as a diagnostic suggestion. If clipping is indicated, then you need to start changing the headroom to eliminate it.

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Hi Dan,

I’ve tried changing the headroom all the way to it’s max and the problem still persists so maybe it’s not clipping?

Changing the headroom is making no difference to the music / noise ratio, everything gets quieter at the same level / rate.

Please post screen shots of your entire signal path, zone settings and device setup.

How is your laptop connected to the network?
Does it happen with and without the laptop’s power supply connected?

Found the problem whilst going through the setup to screenshot everything!

The setup was set to ‘System Output’, I changed this to ‘Hugo’ and its working fine now.

Thanks for the help guys, very happy to have it running well now.