Additional upsampling options?

I know both of these things are doable using the custom settings, but it feels tedious to do it manually:

  1. An option to keep PCM as PCM and DSD as DSD (if not prevented by other DSP operations that would force a PCM conversion?)

  2. An option like “Max PCM Rate (Greater than Power of 2)”. Upsampling 44.1kHz and 88.2kHz material to 192kHz is fine with me, but I wouldn’t want to upsample 176kHz to 192kHz. I could imagine this would also be useful for systems that top out at 96kHz, where I would be totally fine with upsampling 44.1 or 48 sources to 96kHz, but I wouldn’t want to upsample 88.2kHz to 96kHz.

you’re asking for specifics here, manual was implemented for this reason. will take you 2 minutes to set up and forget.
you can keep dsd as dsd via audio setup options.