Adjust volume for select album?

Is it possible to adjust level of an album/track that was recorded too low? I know I can adjust the volume of Roon, but when playing various tracks in playlist or on shuffle, I expect all songs to be played roughly at same average volume. However, some tracks/recordings were just too quiet, so I wonder whether I can tell Roon to play those albums/track at a +x amount of volume.

Thanks. Still new to Roon. searched for this but could not find any info on it.

The short answer is no, not in that manner. A better answer is that this depends on the source of the album/track. Support is better for local files as Roon analyses these, which allows for volume leveling information to be derived. While you can’t set the volume adjustment per album, Roon has fairly sophisticated volume leveling options described here:

Good luck.

Where is that autolevelling function? I cannot find it. Sorry for being so dense.

Again, as in another thread of yours, I recommend checking out the knowledgebase, since it may answer your questions in a more comprehensive way, as having forum members explain basics again and again in their own words…
So here’s the link on how to set volume leveling

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Thanks. Found it now.

I did searched the knowledge base. The problem is, that if I don’t know already what to look for, what the search terms are, I cannot find it. Each knowledge base entry should have at the beginning a section of how to get to that part from the start screen. Otherwise I just turn in circles. That is my greatest frustration with Roon: it may be powerful and flexible, but it is impossible to figure anything out.

Of course it might be intimidating and overwhelming, but it’s not impossible to figure out things.
As with all extensive software and hardware, manuals tend to get intimidatingly complex as well, not something only Roon suffers from.

From experience I know how much work goes into trying to write comprehensive documentation, and there are clearly labeled categories at the KB root, so you can narrow down on topics pretty quickly.

Just keep skimming through the articles from time to time to get more intimate with Roon’s workings.
And of course we’re a helpful crowd, once something needs to be ‘fixed’ right away!

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