Adjusting treble in DSP settings

Is there a way to do some small treble adjustments in an easy way? Especially looking for a way of toning down the harsh “s” and “t” sounds in (mostly female) vocals. Has nothing to do with the equipment or quality of the music, just my ears not fond of some of these sounds. Listening to the sound of some TV series or movies gives the same “problem” sometimes. It’s very distracting for me.

I understand how to to do this in a “simple” equalizer like the one used in iTunes, but the DSP in Roon is very complicated and dazzles me. Tried to change some settings and that helped a bit, but also changes too much of the other sounds. I guess it’s a certain frequency I have to adjust, so maybe there is someone out there who have figured this out in the DSP settings?

EQ tends to be the same within software. Access your DSP settings and add a PEQ filter.

You can then add as many or as little filters as you need.

One trick I use the remove sibilance etc is to actually boost the EQ settings and move it about through the frequencies until you find the frequency that is annoying you. Then just turn your boost in to a cut by lowing the dB of the filter in to the negative values.

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