Admin or Mod status against username

I’ve recently had posts edited by what would normally look to be standard users or members. It turns out some members have some edit, admin or limited mod rights.

Could Roon make it clear against a forum username if anyone has any affiliation with Roon whether paid or voluntary.

Roon Labs do make it clear who is staff and who are moderators.

What you are seeing is the effect of the Discourse (the software powering the Community forum) Trust levels.

Regulars have the power to make more changes than basic level members. See


then they shouldn’t have the right to edit other peoples posts or threads.

It is misleading, especially when this is effectively roon’s only means of support.

It’s a question of trust - if you feel that an individual member is overstepping the boundary in a particular instance, then flag it to us. This is a community here, and we aspire to have people doing their best to help each other and have great conversations at the same time.


Only Trust Level 4 can edit other people’s posts.

Trust Level 4, with only a couple of exceptions, is limited to Roon employees and the mods, AFAIK.

If you click on @Geoff_Coupe’s avatar (e.g.), then ‘Badges’, and then click the ‘Leader’ box, you can see who has Trust Level 4.

I own/run various community forums, and only one with over 100k+ users can a certain group edit posts. And, even then, they can only edit their own. I wouldn’t allow anyone else except Mods, or SuprMods to be able to edit such things. However, it seems to work here. Nothing untoward that I’ve seen, so it must work for this Discourse software. Despite hating the software… :japanese_goblin:

As a side note, it might be nice to have something in the signature section if the software has it. At least this way, it could have common links and help links along with saying that they’re only a forum moderator.