Adoption of tags, Album to Tracks

Hello All,

I am experimenting with profiles in Roon and have created one for my (tech loving) daughter. She has added a number of albums which she likes, but I would rather not have appear in my album listing. I have tagged her albums with her name and I have bookmarked a Focus to exclude any album that has a that tag, and that works just fine.
However, the tag that I have given the album is applied just at the album level, rather than being adopted by the tracks on that album. This is problematic as I want to create another “focus” of tracks that have not been played (or played very little) whilst still excluding the tracks on albums that have my daughters tag associated with them.

Is there a way to achieve what I want, short of manually tagging all of the tracks in the tagged albums?

I hope I have explained myself clearly, please let me know if I am not being clear!

Thanks for any tips!


Edit: OK, all sorted… nothing to see here…