Advice for DSD DACs

Hi guys,
I’m new to your world but I’m already in love with it.
I signed up for life because I believe and I want to strongly support the project.

Currently I have installed Roon Linux on a nuc and I use a raspberry with Allo Boss dac 1.2 then connected to a Denon X2400H with Sib Evo 5.1 speakers

Just to hurt me, I would like to ask you for some case studies for a future expense, let’s say I’m looking for a DAC (also for raspberry or standalone) to play DSD files.

Here are the case studies for the budget:

  • Budget € 500
  • Budget € 1000
  • No budget, only for dreamers and to see what the market offers.

thank you all!

Budget €500, Topping D70. Measures well, functions well and does DSD exceptionally well. It doesn’t do MQA if that matters but handles everything else. Topping have done their bit so it is recognised natively for DSD by late kernel Linux distros.

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I use Topping DX3 Pro via Aries Mini as endpoint while I use a NUC as ROCK Roon core (output to Holo Spring DAC). It works flawlessly on DSD256 natively.

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