Advice for using—or not using—Songkong?

I’ve just learned about Songkong. Is this a good adjunct to Roon? Or is it too many apps playing with the same data and risk mucking the whole thing up?

I have lots of dupes, albums that Apple Music in its infinite omniscience put into various stashes and pockets that make no sense to me, albums that have been labeled “compilations” but aren’t, missing titles, artists, composers, artwork, etc. I have tried to create and maintain a clean master library that apps like Music and Roon can then go scan, find and copy music into places where they need to access it, but these apps still want to rearrange things.

Songkong in concept looks useful, but not if it doesn’t play well with other apps. ESP. Roon.

As the SongKong developer this is not an independent point of view. But SongKong does work well with Roon and improve your Roon results, indeed the last release was very Roon focussed, you can try SongKong out in preview mode to see if you are happy with the results.

One caveat, the current version doesn’t deal so well with boxsets, but the next release due any day will deal with these much better.