Advice needed for running Roon on TV


I am about to set up an Intel NUC for ROCK and wire it up via a Cat6 to my router and my speakers (KEF LS50W). The speakers are to the TV via HDMI.

If I wanted to display Roon on my TV (a 3 year old Panasonic) what would I need in order to do so? I looked in most posts about this topic but found there was a fair bit of info about Mac & Apple TV but not much else.

Could someone enlighten me on how to do this?

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I am sure there are other ways but you could get a raspberry pi and connect it to your tv via hdmi. Then install the roon web controller extensio on the RPi.Here are instructions to install the roon web controller.

Discussed on another thread – group your LS50W endpoint with a Google Chromecast attached to your TV.

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Thanks for the replies.

Tom, I’ll try to find that thread. Didn’t see it on my digging o previous posts.


My understanding is you can only group chromecast with chromecast…I believe Roon are working on a video only stream for chromecast but I hadn’t seen it released yet.

OK. That’s is interesting.

I have tried to find the thread that Tom refers to but no luck yet.

Might have to hold out for a bit then until it is sorted with Roon & Chromecast (video stream).

Thanks Tony

It is not sorted yet, but it’s coming. Here’s Brian’s take:

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