Advice needed on MS200 connection options

Hi all. I’m about to acquire an MS200 for use as a Roon endpoint. I have these connection options available:

Analog out to my Cambridge CXR200 (using Direct of course)
Optical out to the CXR200, which has a Cirrus Logic CS42528 24-bit/192kHz-based DAC
Optical out to an Oppo BDP-105D, which has a SABRE32 Reference ES9018-based DAC, then out through its (well regarded) dedicated stereo analog outputs to the Cambridge

Not sure which course to take, given that the use of optical might introduce errors that could negate the use of a nice Meridian endpoint. But not sure how the MS200’s analog output would compare. Any advice on the best route?


@Stephen_Dawson I compared the MS200 analog to the MS600 and it fell some way short imho, so I would go optical, try the Oppo105 it is supposed to be good? Ultimately let your ears decide rather than our biased opinions.

Have fun


I used to use coax from a ms200. Sounded better to me than optical.
Edit: i used a speakerlink to coax converter cable.

How is this possible? Both transmit the same DIGITAL data. It’s only 0s and 1s, nothing else and even if something like noise exists on digital data streams, it can’t alter the bits. And if someone is able to invent a piece of copper or glass that is able to change bits sended through it, I will immediately nominate him for a nobel price.

Beats me. perhaps because they have different conversions? Don’t really care though, it worked for me :).

Thanks for that. Yes, I know I should let my ears decide, but always nice to get some opinions. Looking forward to having a good play!

Differing jitter levels would be the prime candidate.

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