Advice on Amps for Multi-zone solution

Hi everyone. I am planning for a ~12 zone Roon setup, and I am looking at what hardware to use.

I understand there’s devices out there that can supply more zones (like this one CI 580 V2 - NAD Electronics), but it still would require amps…

Is there anyone who can give any recommendations here, or have a solution in place that works good? I have had a hard time finding much when I try searching on this… I guess the use case is not very common.

I will wire using ethernet, and the most important for me is that it becomes reliable. A crude solution would be to get 12x Bluesound Powernode 2i, but I would prefer something that requires less devices… :smiley:

The all-in-one Roon endpoint I use is the Elac Discovery Z3. Have 2, kitchen and master bedroom. Good sound and works great with Roon over Ethernet.

I think I need to clarify a bit :slight_smile: I am looking for hardware to drive passive speakers in 12 different zones / rooms, and preferably some stuff that you can stick into a server frame.