Advice on audio bridge sought

Currently I have my PC in the listening room, and I am looking at possibly moving it out of the room (putting it next to the NAS and router which are in a separate cupboard) with an ethernet cable connecting it to an audio bridge, which is turn would connect to my USB DAC.

I was wondering, what is the best audio bridge option sound wise? It would have to work with my Lampizator Atlantic Plus DAC which I believe has an Amanero USB chip.

Also, I would be keen to be able to control the PC (not just Roon) from the listening room. Instead or running long cables for the monitor, mouse & keyboard, what are the best wireless options for this? Or are wires absolutely necessary for these peripherals?


Are you looking for a DIY solution of commercial device that supports RAAT?

Wireless keyboard and mouse are no problem, but I think you would still need to run a long HDMI cable to monitor.

Ideally not a DIY solution - something close to plug and play. Was considering the UltraRendu, but not sure if it works with my Amanero-based DAC (Lampizator Atlantic).