Advice on endpoints & general system

I’m interested in upgrading or shifting things around to tidy up the end points / core, and then to potentially build a bedroom system. So my current system is:

Sitting room

Meridian G68XXV
Meridian G55
Meridian HD621
Focal 826VWs/CC800VW/807VWs
Rel T9
Oppo 105D

Then I have a system set up on the roof which is:

Meridian G57
Monitor Audio CL60’s

Current Roon Core

Mac Mini 2011 with 512 SSD

Current Roon endpoints

Sitting Room - Mac Mini with Audioquest Dragonfly USB DAC
Roof - MacBook Pro Retina 2013 with minijack straight to coax
Bedroom - iMac 27” 5k 2015 - just playing on the iMac at present


Bose Accoustimass 5
Meridian G55
Some old iPads & iPhones

I was thinking I should buy a dedicated NUC and run Rock on it. The Mac Mini could then potentially be used with the Audioquest Dragonfly USB DAC to feed the G57.

So I was considering buying some Meridian endpoints such as a 218, 251, MS600 or MS200. I’ve heard a few issues with the 218 which puts me off a little regarding both the 218 and the 251. I had considered swapping the G57 over for a 251 which would be neater but I don’t think it would sound as good and would have less power.

I like the idea of the MS600 for the roof system as I could use balanced outputs and a trigger but it seems like a lot and I’m not sure I’d get the benefit on the roof / being outdoors etc? The MS200 seems to be reasonable but would still require a manual turning on of the amp. There could be better end points out there that would do the job than the MS200 rather than buying a MS600…

For the lounge I liked the idea of the MS600, a couple of people discussed SoTM but I’m not sure we as they seem more expensive plus would need other gear to make them work? I don’t know if they would sound better. I’m guessing the MS600 would sound significantly better than the MS200. Another option in the lounge was to have the Mac Mini output through USB into the Oppo 105D which I guess would improve the sound but I don’t know how it would compare to a MS600, it would also end up going through the HD621. I did also consider moving the Oppo closer and seeing if I could have some coax outputs going directly to the G68.

For the bedroom I was thinking, use what I have an connect iMac to G55 and then to Bose Acoustimass but I saw the Kef LS50 wireless and love those as they’re so versatile in terms of what can be plugged in and its a very neat solution. Another idea was a set of Meridian DSP3200’s but that seems overkill for the bedroom but then they would need a MS200 / MS600 / 218 / 251 etc to drive them…

Any suggestions or ideas on what you’d recommend? Sorry for all the detail… it’s been doing my head in. The goals are to make Roon easier to use and sound better if possible.



Might be better posted to Audio Products as you aren’t actually asking any roon software questions.

Open a store? :smiley: Seriously, I’d simplify things and buy a better DAC, fed by a networked Roon endpoint, for your main listening room. Unless the Mac Mini isn’t ably performing I’d keep that as your Core.

Whoops, thanks. I figured uncategorised was best - perhaps not1

Lol, I was fortunate to come across some good deals.

What dac / endpoint would you suggest? I figured the ms600 would do both in one? Thanks

I just figured that the M600 is old tech and there are better options now, e.g. standalone DAC fed by the Mac Mini or a new endpoint.

Yes, I wouldn’t disagree - just not sure what though? The sotm seems great but is double the price & requires a dac as well so I could have two ms600’s for the same money asjust the sotm.

The Mac runs the ore ok, occasional drop outs but just figured a rock / nuc might be better. The Mac mini is over 7 years old and I don’t leave it running 24/7 - maybe I could

There are many choices.You could go for the Nucleus/ NUC and hook up a DAC directly in your main listening room and then use DIY Linux boxes (Raspberry Pi) for the other endpoints. It all depends on preference and budget.

I was thinking of a nuc rather than the nucleus. Any recommendations for a dac that would hook up to it? Thank you for your help

Check my profile for my modest setup. I think you should consider the Chord Qutest for auditioning and/ or short list.

Ok great, will take a look at the chord & check your system. Thanks for the tips