Advice on options for adding headphone amp into setup

I am interested in adding a separate headphone station into my listening area utilizing a headphone amplifier which will be removed from where the other audio gear is.
My current setup is:
NAS storage with ethernet connection into headless windows server which is connected by USB into Schiit Yggdrasil DAC.
Yggdrasil RCA output to Anthem MRS1120 and RCA pre outs from this to the amp driving the front speakers.
Control is through ipad for Roon.

The headphone amp would have RCA inputs only and I will be using an ethernet connection to access the network. It is too far away to practically use a long headphone cord from the main equipment.

I am not sure if there is a way to still use the Yggdrassil or whether doing this commits me to needing a separate headphone DAC.
I am also not sure how best to get from ethernet to the RCA inputs on the headphone amp.
I was wondering about a NUC with ?Bridge but would need a way to convert to RCA out somewhere.
Any advice would be appreciated

Any advice on how best to proceed or options to consider would be appreciated

Look at a Raspberry Pi with a DAC HAT and OS as an option that’s affordable with some DIY

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Or a Raspberry Pi 4 running RoPieee or RoPieeeXL with USB out to a standalone headphone DAC/Amp. You can assemble the RPi4 in a FLIRC case for $77 from Amazon plus the cost of the DAC/Amp you choose. You can use WIFI or ethernet to connect to the RPi4.

I second the RPi approach, but is there a budget? A Mytek Brooklyn Bridge, for instance, would give you what you want, off the shelf. Or, for less money, I have a Chromecast Audio with a miniplug-to-RCA cable to drive an amp with RCA inputs.

Thanks, budget would be less than $1000 ideally but not set in stone. I will look at the options listed so far.

Since you seem to like the Yggdrasil, what about one of the Schiit headamps with a multibit card? Or for more $$, Bifrost 2+amp? Of their recent amps, I’ve only listened to/owned the Jotunheim and the Lyr. If I were on the market for a new headphone system, I’d go Bifrost 2+Lyr, but that’s more than you want to spend.

Oh, and then use a Pi4 to stream to the DAC. Bifrost 2 (and Modius in delta-sigma) have the new Unison USB interface that is a significant improvement over earlier USB interfaces.

Depends on quality requirements and how much use it will get but but how about

1 RPi , USB to Dragonfly Red or Cobalt

Or more simply

2 iPad , Apple Camerakit , USB to Dragonfly Red Cobalt

I have two headphone setups. One with a raspberry pi 4 using USB to ifi Nano iDSD BL DAC headamp. Just ordered a Schiit Magni Heresy 3 to go with it so the ifi will be DAC only after this as I need a bit more oomph. Other is my main headrig, using an Intel Nuc de3815 running rock via USB RME-ADI-2 DAC which has a good integrated headamp.

This is a Roon endpoint and headphone amp for less than 1000 euros. I have never used or heard it myself, but I am contemplating something similar as you are.
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Thank you all for these suggestions. I have been reading and have a better understanding of the rasberry pi as well as what I need to do this. Not sure which direction I will go yet.

Just read one of the detailed reviews (from Portugal) that puts it close to the 3x more expensive Chord Hugo 2+2go that I’m right now listening to. For less than Eur 1K, that’s pretty sweet.

What puts me off is that there isn’t a volume knob, it’s app controls only.