Advice on this RPI kit 2

planning to get [this kit] to create a Roon endpoint/Ropieee with USB output to [ifi zen DAC] or if I decided to spend more $ the new cambridge audio dacmagic 200M to Denon analogue audio input. Any advice if this a good setup? the kit seems to have everything one needs for the RPi setup

other RPIkits options:
CAna kit

my other option is to use a mac laptop as a dedicated Roon endpoint with USB audio output to the DAC

any advice would be great

Jim thanks for the rec… much appreciated

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I’ll add a +1 for the Flirc case. I’ve been using one for the last month or so and it never gets above 38C in normal use.

Wow, that Flirc case was still 13 euros a few days ago …

Any thoughts on audio quality through the USB from your setup to feed the dac. I read a lot of mixed reviews.

I also using RoPieeeXL feeding a Dragonfly Cobalt, attached to my network by WiFi. If there is any noise it’s completely inaudible.

Thank you ! Will go for it


I can understand using the iFi or Cambridge DAC if you’re looking to get MQA… but if your Denon is a home theater AVR and not a stereo integrated amp… unless the AVR has EXT IN (multichannel audio inputs)… simply plugging into the analog inputs for CD or any other source will cause your Denon to reprocess the analog in through the Denon DAC. Not a huge deal but something many aren’t aware happens when using a home theater receiver for stereo audio.

Great point. THANKS
Is there a better set up option that you would recommend. The denon i have is AVRS60h.

To be honest, you probably can’t tell the audio quality difference and by using the Denon DAC, you get more features like 5 channel stereo and Dolby/DTS surround audio… not “purist” but sometimes good/fun. You can also use “Pure Direct” or “Direct” for true stereo but it’s still going through the DAC.

Again, if you’re looking to use MQA then no real better option or alternative… for me, I don’t need MQA in the room with my AVR (my critical listening is done elsewhere) so I just connect my Roon audio into the AVR directly via digital (you can use optical or HDMI). So no external DAC and it sounds fine for that room.

Question is, do you want MQA? Because if so, you’re going to your external DAC (digital to analog) then into your AVR via analog… then the Denon takes the analog and converts to digital (ADC) then the DAC takes the digital back to analog to your speakers.

Without MQA, you can just send digital to your Denon and have it process up to (what I’m guessing is) 24/192kHz.