Advice on updating Intel NUC BIOS

I would like to add a monitor to my NUC but when I connect it to HDMI the monitor isn’t recognized. The advice on the Intel Support site is update the BIOS but before doing that I want to make sure that I wont impact the ROCK implementation which I installed about 6 months ago
Terry Smith

Have you tried a different monitor, I used my tv as my usual monitor had died.

Why do you need a monitor to Rock? There is no use…

If you need to get to the bios.

Thanks Ratbert . The other reason is that the couple of times I have had to power off the NUC its reappearance on the network has been a bit hit and miss and I would feel a lot more comfortable if I could see what is going on

Try a different monitor, or dIsplayport if your NUC supports it