Advice on Using Small Green Computer's 300W Linear Power Supply with Nucleus+ (ref#S180BT)

Affected Product


Nucleus Model

Nucleus+ Rev A

Description of Issue

I am interested in replacing the stock wall wart power supply of my Nucleus+ with a Linear Power Supply from a company called Small Green Computer. I am considering their 100w 19v Linear Power Supply or their 300w 19v Linear Power Supply. QUESTION: Is there any risk of damage to my Nucleus+ if I use the 300w LPS? Of particular concern is the 10amp output from the 300w LPS. see 300w Linear Power Supply with 4 independent outputs – Small Green Computer

RAM & Internal Storage

1TB Samsung 860 Pro SSD

Connected Audio Devices

The Nucleus+ is connected to a Teac NT-505 DAC via a USB cable. The Nucleus+ and DAC are connected to my network via ethernet cable. The DAC is connected to a separate preamp, preamp connected to monoblock amps.

Home Network Details

Home network is typical Cox home network with router which enables internet, cable tv and telephone services.

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You should stick with the wall wart that came with the Nucleus. There is no reason whatsoever to replace that.


Unless it died😎
But then I would replace it with another similar priced and spec PS.


No risk of damage whatsoever. SGC are well-versed in these types of things. A quick email with them should quell any further doubts; they are good folks.

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