Advice on WiFi headphone unit

I’m familiar with the Roon core and have it set up and working well. Main system is: music on NAS - Ethernet cable - audio PC - USB cable - DAC - XLR - Amp - speakers. The NAS is connected to WiFi also, so I can use an iPad as a remote.

I’m looking to add in a “device”, ideally that I can move around and also connect to WiFi, to which I can connect a set of headphones and listen to the music on my NAS. Ideally something with great SQ. most music is in FLAC format, some high-res and some DSD. Does this amount to a new “endpoint” that I will require? I have an iPhone and can use this, but I was wondering if there is anything that will give me better SQ if I have a decent set of cans?

Check out the Astell&Kern DAPs. They will become Roon Ready before the end of the year.

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Yes, that’s a new endpoint. An iPhone with a Dragonfly Red ($200) plugged into it apparently works great. Check out What Hi-Fi? for more options:

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I have several fixed endpoints, in the sense that they are plugged into AC, even though some use WiFi. But for a move-around-the-house solution, I agree with @Bill_Janssen, I use a Dragonfly plugged into an iPad (sometimes iPhone) since I need that for user interface anyway.

If I want top level SQ I plug a Chord Hugo2 into the iPad. But most of the time the Hugo stays in the music room plugged into a MicroRendu — the Dragonfly is fine for mobile use.

In fact I’m setting up a fixed AC powered listening station in a place where I don’t have networking and I intend to leave a cable dangling and simply plug in the iPad when I want to listen.

Or the Chord Mojo with iPhone and camera adaptor or Mojo+Poly.

Does the Chord Mojo need an adapter to plug into the latest iPhones?

I think this is answered in another thread, but from recollection there are two new Apple adaptors that work with the Mojo and the latest phones.