Advise for Roon & Bluesound connection?

I have to be honest, I am knew to Roon, hated 1.7, love (apart from a few hiccups) 1.8. Love it so much intact I have subscribed. So yes, I am knew. I have looked, searched and experimented but can’t seem to find the answers. I have:
Node 2i in my lounge.
2 pulse flex 2i in my lounge.
Using BluOS app I can group them all and have one volume control.
In Roon, again I can group them all, but it shows as three volumes, when really I want just one showing. Is that possible?

*I have notice the only way I can get Roon to see them is to make them a single group rather than fixed group.
They all then show up in Roon. I group them as one zone. But have three volume controls!

If I group then all together in BluOS app, then Roon only see’s one speaker, it’s shows only one volume control (which is what I would like) they all play, but I have stuttering problems.

Can anyone shed any light please? Am I doing this all wrong?

Many thanks

This is with Meridian and Bluesound grouped. The red arrow points to the joint volume control.

Bless you, Thank you so much for your asstiance! Got it now!

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