AES Bob Stuart Webinar - Perspectives on Audio

In view of the recent MQA “Discussions” I thought the following might be of interest, I’m not sure if there’s a limit on participants so register quickly if you’re interested.


AES UK Section - Perspectives On Audio: Information vs Data; Fidelity vs Resolution with Bob Stuart, MQA


Audio bridges science and engineering with the complexity of the human listener. If we are too close that gap, we need to ask the right questions. This talk begins with a tutorial overview of topics in modern auditory science that are pertinent to fidelity and resolution. It also sketches information flow in the listener giving some surprising estimates.Next, a quick tour through sound reproduction, starting with analogue shows how a ‘narrow’ approach to digital audio inadvertently embedded key errors in recordings and playback systems. This is briefly illustrated with seven theories of ‘High-Resolution’ and consideration of the paradoxes of losslessness and data vs information flow. If we consider the whole chain from microphone to loudspeaker, and more precisely define objectives for transparency using principles of communication theory, modern sampling theory and current auditory science, we show that a better engineering solution is indeed possible.

Bob’s Seminar Registration Page

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Is there a prize for guessing the name of this solution?

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I believe there is a prize but the winner has to pay shipping charges (p.s. I know it’s controversial but I’ve given up on Tidal & I’ve moved to Redbook on Qobuz) :wink:

That should be interesting and perhaps we will all learn something… On the other hand, if we believe we know it all already, then there is little or nothing to discuss…

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My reference to MQA was to draw attention to Bob’s seminar. The subject matter is as described in the AES brief. I do hope we will all learn something as there are so many entrenched views & many matters, as yet, unresolved.

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Agreed it should be interesting if it is anything new.

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