AFP file system support for Native/automatic detection of network folders in Mac

My suggestion is for the Roon core to natively support AFP to automatically detect the attached network folders as they appear in Finder and in many other softwares from Apple and from other companies.

Currently Roon only supports SMB which I would think is carried over from the Windows version of Roon, but adding AFP support would be very convenient to many people that use Apple gear, as currently SMB seems to be very sketchy and buggy to say the least, there are many complex compatibility issues that can be solved this way like system crashes and other problems that have been identified in the community forum.

For example, in my use case I am planning to run several licenses of Roon in various Mac computers in a bulding, yes, Mac and Apple are a requirement in this build so it makes sense to have a Mac file server also for all this computer clients. I want to have the same library in these various Roon licenses/computers and I simply can’t setup a single client because SMB related endless bugs.